Huge Hail Hits Motorists, Larned, KS – 4/6/2021

Severe weather erupted across central Kansas late in the evening on Tuesday bringing hail close to baseball size to areas northeast of Dodge City. A large storm near the town of Larned dropped hail up to tennisball size as motorists rode out the storm as the hail came down for nearly 20 minutes.
Shot Description


Clip 1: Tennis ball sized hail bouncing off the grass.

Clips 2-4: Two vehicles riding out the hail as it falls just to the west of Larned.

Clip 5: Large hail splashing in a water-filled ditch.

Clip 6: Large hail falling with several big stones on the ground.

Clip 7-9: Shots of the two cars pulled off on the side of the highway as hail begins t fall.

Clip 10-11: Shots of hail falling on the ground.

Clip 12-13: Shots of hail falling on the two vehicles.

Clip 14: Hail in hand put up against a lime.

Clip 15: Three large hailstones in hand.

Clip 16-17: Shots of oncoming traffic driving as the last of the hail falls at sunset.

Clip 18: Wide shot of storm with mammatus.

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