Wedge Tornado And Damaged Church, Tree’s, Home’s – Ashby, AL – 3/25/2021

Significant tornado damage to a church, homes and trees near Ashby, Alabama and a wedge tornado that briefly emerged from behind the trees as it moved from Greensboro to Ashby, Alabama.
Shot Description

00:00 – Wedge tornado emerges from behind the trees near Greensboro, AL as it moves towards Ashby, AL
00:08 – Driving in heavy rain wrapping around the tornado between Greensboro and Ashby, AL
00:17 – Tornado damage to Ashby Baptist Church, steeple in the field and signs down
01:02 – Damage to homes, roof off, people working on damaged roof, metal wrapped around trees, trees broken and down near Ashby, AL
01:43 – Downed trees blocking roads near Ashby, AL
02:15 – Local residents come together with chain saws to remove large trees from the road near Ashby, AL
02:39 – Ambulance and fire truck race to tornado damaged areas in Ashby, AL
02:53 – Heavy rain and lightning at night with cop car and a car in the ditch SW near Centreville, AL

SID: Melanie Metz

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