Historic rare heavy snow blankets Sedona, AZ – 1/26/2021

Rare heavy snow event, blankets Sedona, Arizona in 6 to 8+ inches of Snow.

Shot Description

Shot 1: Wide shot of Sedona red rocks with trees covered in heavy snow.
Shot 2: Med shot of red rocks, trees with snow, and low clouds.
Shot 3: Tight shot of red rocks blanketed in snow;
Shot 4: Wide shot of foggy red rocks, with lots of snow.
Shot 5: Med shot of foggy red rocks, with snow.
Shot 6: Driving into Sedona on the scenic Highway AZ179
Shot 7: Elevated shot of the Sedona red rocks, with snow at sunset.
Shot 8: Medium shot Courthouse butte with low clouds and lots of snow.
Shot 9: Tight shot Courthouse butte with snow up close
Shot 10:Wide shot of courthouse and low clouds with lots of snow falling.
Shot 11: Medium shot Low clouds, red rocks, and snow falling.
Shot 12: Wide shot of low clouds, red rocks and snow falling.
Shot 13: Wide shot of bell rock with heavier snow fall, and lots of snow accumulation.
Shot 14: More winter scenery in Sedona, Red rocks with snow fall.
Shot 15: Snowman
Shot 16: Hiking trail sigh covered in snow.

SID: Bryan Snide

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