Plow Truck Recovery Through Thin Ice, Cumberland, WI – 1/19/2021

During the afternoon hours of January 18th 2021 a truck broke through the ice, on Beaver Dam Lake in Cumberland, Wisconsin. This was almost do west of Eagle Point Campground. Warm weather along, with springs in this area of the lake were the factors to why the truck broke through the ice. If the truck would have been another two to three feet further out, it would have been sitting in fourteen to twenty feet of water VS four feet of water. Ice thickness ranged from a few inches to as much as fourteen inches. This video package shows the recovery prep, and the recovery efforts.

Shot Description

Clips 1- 3. Different views of the truck sitting in the water.
Clip 4. The crew moving the recovery rig closer to the truck.
Clips 5-6. Britt cutting the ice around the truck while the crew gets the rig ready.
Clip 7. Miles hooking up the backend of the truck.
Clip 8. The crew starting to lift the backend of the truck up.
Clip 9. Ice giving away as the plow was holding the front of the truck up.
Clip10-12. Miles hooking up straps to the front of the truck.
Clips 13-17. The crew pulling the truck out of the water.
Clips 18-20. The truck resting on safer ice.
Clip 21. The truck being pulled towards the boat landing.

SID: Dirk Miller

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