Massive pileup in the Blizzard shuts down I-94 in Albertville, MN – 12/23/2020

With most of the state of Minnesota under a Blizzard Warning, the weather quickly turned from blustery to freezing rain sleet and then to heavy snow with whiteout conditions in less then an hour this afternoon.

Footage from what was being called a several dozen multi vehicle pile up on Interstate 94 near Albertville, MN. Interstate 94 was shut down in both direction in this area for much of the afternoon and evening as crews worked late into the evening to try and clear scene.

Additional B-Roll of blowing snow, snow plows and high winds from around the area of Albertville and Monticello in Wright County.
Shot Description

00:00 – 08:00 Driving in Whiteout Condition on Interstate 94.

08:00 – 02:04 Scenes from the side of Interstate 94 of the massive pile up in the whiteout conditions.

02:05 – 02:22 Snow plows driving towards the camera on a two lane road.

02:22 – 05:17 Two long clips of the massive pile up and traffic backed up on Interstate 94 from the westbound lanes from two different camera angles.

05:17 – 05:25 Huge American Flag blowing in the high winds in the Blizzard with heavy snow falling.

05:25 – 05:41 Driving in whiteout conditions on Interstate 94.

05:41 – 05:54 Passing a snow plow on the I94.

05:54 – 06:10 SUV stuck in the ditch in the whiteout.

06:10 – 06:34 White front wheel drive car in front of the chase truck spinning its wheels while trying to drive around a corner covered with deep snow.

06:34 – 06:59 Two men push a stuck yellow vehicle out of a snow bank on the side of the road and get it back on the road for the driver.

06:59 – 07:17 Two different road signs warning about the Blizzard.

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