Vehicle Loses Control on Extremely Icy Roads, Colorado Springs, CO – 10/25/2020

A major winter storm associated with a whiplash of temperatures ushers in heavy snow and ice, causing havoc on the roads in Colorado Springs, Colo., on Oct. 25, 2020.
Shot Description

00:00 – Tires squeal as a vehicle slides on ice and makes a hard impact with the curb on Dublin Blvd..

00:14 – A Minivan fails to make it up a short hill, spinning its tires in the process on Dublin Blvd..

00:29 – A passerby who stopped to check on the minivan driving a lifted Jeep, tries to get away from the curb but ends up spinning their tires as they make a u-turn and slide.

00:45 – Stuck car in the middle lane of an uphill road emerges from the low visibility prompting other traffic to switch lanes.

01:02 – Heavy snow and low visibility eastbound on Woodman Rd.

01:15 – Vehicles travelling on a snow covered Woodman Rd.

01:26 – Low visibility and heavy snow on Dublin Blvd.

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