The Day After Hurricane Laura Aftermath, Downtown Lake Charles, LA – 8/28/2020

B-Roll footage from the day after of the catastrophic damage to the downtown area of Lake Charles, LA.

Footage of the Capital One Bank Building with the windows blown out and crews cleaning up glass and debris around the building.

Additional footage of damaged buildings, signs and downed power lines and the TV Antenna that fell in the hurricane and crushed the building next to it.
Shot Description

00:00 – B-Roll shots of the Capital One building and crews cleaning up around it.

00:37 – Destroyed Wendy’s sign with the Capital One building in the background.

00:37 – Destroyed sign for the Lake Charles Civic Center.

00:43 – Debris on the ground and crews cleaning up around the Capital One building.

01:08 – Downed utility poles and National Guard vehicles driving by.

01:21 – Destroyed TV station antenna.

01:50 – Downed utility poles and traffic.

02:15 – Damaged homes.

SID: Simon Brewer

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