Hurricane Laura, Extensive Catastrophic Damage, Grand Lake, LA – 8/27/2020

Heavily damaged neighborhoods, obliterated mobile homes, cars flipped over, National Weather Service radar dome destroyed, highways blocked by seemingly endless rows of utility poles, livestock and animals wondering among wreckage in Grand Lake and southern Lake Charles, LA from powerful CAT 4 Hurricane Laura.

All footage shot in Grand Lake and southern areas of Lake Charles, LA during morning of August 27, 2020 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer

Shot Description

1-3. National Weather Service in Lake Charles radar dome destroyed by high winds – shredded!

4-5. truck flipped over in Grand Lake from incredible winds

6-19. various shots of mobile homes obliterated, homes heavily damaged and neighborhoods in shambles from incredibly high winds in Grand Lake, LA

20-22. RVs flipped over from high winds near Grand Lake, LA

23-27 various shots of high wind damage near Grand Lake, LA

28-29. trees snapped and debarked from high winds near Grand Lake, LA

30-35. various shots over high wind damage over southern Lake Charles, LA

36-44. various shots of dogs, horses, cows, and an alligator among widespread damaged areas from Hurricane Laura near Grand Lake, LA

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