Mower County, MN Severe Storms And Possible Tornado – 6/28/2020

B-Roll of the severe storms in the tornado watch in southeastern, Minnesota this evening. Several funnel clouds and possible brief tornado where spotted along with hail and high winds.

Additional time lapse at the end of a huge shelf cloud near Cannon Falls, MN.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Funnel cloud and possible tornado near Racine, MN.

Clip 2 Wide Angle time lapse of cloud rotation near Racine, MN from clip 1.

Clip 3 Funnel cloud near Elkton, MN.

Clip 4 Time lapse of full clip 3 showing cloud motion.

Clip 5 Wide angle roof camera showing fire truck passing in front of the funnel cloud.

Clip 6-13 Hail and high winds and rain near Racine, MN.

Clip 14 Rainbow while driving.

Clip 15-17 Storm motion near Elkton, MN.

Clip 18 Time lapse of shelf cloud near Cannon Falls, MN.

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