Severe Storms, Barron County, WI – 5/26/2020

Severe warned and strong thunderstorms moved through Barron County late in the afternoon and well into the evening hours. The storms produced gusty winds along with heavy rain. The storms that moved through later in the evening, cut power for much of northeastern parts of the city of Rice Lake.
Shot Description
Clips 1- 2. Rapid moving shelf cloud.
Clip 3. Looking northwest at the fast moving shelf cloud.
Clip 4. Pan shot of the same shelf cloud.
Clip 5. A different look at the same shelf cloud.
Clips 6-7. Looking south at another shelf cloud.
Clip 8. Time lapse of the back side of the first thunderstorm.
Clip 9. Looking southwest towards the lowering of the base.
Clip 10. A forming wall cloud. Which died after about 10 minutes.
Clip 11. Strong winds along with heavy rain.
Clips 12-13. Cops blocking off HWY 48 northeast of town. Power crews were down in that area, working to restore the power.

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