Colorado Springs, CO Flash Flooding Stalls Vehicles – 5/24/2020

Cars stall after driving through the intersection of N. Powers Blvd. and Barnes Rd. during a heavy rain event on May 24, 2020 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Shot Description

00:00 – Two stalled vehicles block flooded lanes near intersection.

00:07 – Low angle mid shot flooded water with stalled vehicle.

00:14 – Vehicle stuck in flooded water.

00:20 – Wide shot of three stalled vehicles as traffic speeds through flooded intersection.

00:46 – Driver pushes his car out of flooded intersection.

01:04 – Drivers work under the hood and try to restart their stalled cars.

01:25 – A driver hesitates, then drives sedan through flooded street.

01:44 – Moderate traffic speeds through flooded street kicking up massive wake.

01:58 – Truck slowly proceeds through flooded street.

02:15 – Minivan drives through flooded street.

02:23 – Wide shot of moderate traffic speeding through floodwaters splashing stalled vehicle.

02:37 – Mid shot of moderate traffic speeding through floodwaters creating walls of water.

02:54 – SUV drives through floodwaters while passenger records with cell phone.

03:06 – Closeup of vehicle stuck in water.

03:13 – Wide shot of vehicle stuck in water with passing traffic splashing it.

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