Street Flooding and Lightning impact Sarasota, FL – 4/24/2020

Relentless thunderstorms bringing heavy rain, wind and lightning into evening in Sarasota Florida. Storms are causing road flooding on US41. Traffic snarled in heavy road flooding, lightning over Sarasota Bay, wind driven rain nearly resembles tropical storm conditions.
Shot Description

1) Driver blows a tire in flooded US41 downtown Sarasota and burns it up trying to get off the road by punching the gas peddle in heavy rain.
2) Traffic barrels down a flooded US41 sending a wake into the wall at Embassy Suites.
3) Sarasota county bus plows through a flooded US41.
4-7) Four more clips of vehicles driving through a rain flooded US41 downtown Sarasota.
8) Low angle gopro shot of road flooding and traffic.
9) CG lightning bolt over Sarasota Bay.
10) CG and crawler lightning over Sarasota Bay.
11) Rain obscured CG lighting over Sarasota Bay.
12) Lightning flashes brightly behind a Red,White and Blue light Ringling Causeway Bridge.
13) Lightning backlights fishing pier in heavy rain.
14) Crawler lightning over downtown Sarasota.
15,16) People leaving fishing pier as heavy wind drive rain comes into Sarasota.
17) Wind driven rain and shelter canopy at Hart’s Landing park downtown Sarasota.
18,19,20) Three varied shots of high winds buffeting a canopy in heavy wind driven rain.
21) Shot down the fishing pier in heavy wind driven rain.
22) Heavy rain in street light.

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