Powerful Blizzard Hits Adams, NY – 2/27/2020

Blizzard conditions hit Adams, NY after dark, as powerful winds and intense lake effect snow bands set up over the town.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Powerful winds create intense ground blizzard conditions in Adams, NY
Shot 2: Traffic slows to a crawl on the I-81 in Jefferson County as heavy snow and strong winds create dangerous travel conditions.
Shot 3: Strong winds create whiteout conditions on a road leading to the I-81 in Adams, NY
Shot 4: A man walking in heavy snow in Adams, NY
Shot 5: Whiteout conditions at the intersection of Route 11 and West Church Street in Adams, NY
Shots 6-8: People out and about in heavy snow in Adams, NY
Shot 9: A vehicle navigates low visibility conditions at the intersection of West Church Street and Route 11 in Adams, NY
Shot 10: Heavy snow blowing past a street light in Adams, NY

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