Lake Effect Blizzard Slams Watertown, NY – 2/27/2020

A powerful storm system brought intense snow and strong winds to the Watertown NY area, causing blizzard conditions, and near zero visibility.
Shot Description

SHOT 1: A strong wind gust causes instant white-out conditions on Rt 3 in Watertown NY.
SHOT 2: A person tries to free a stuck car skidding on ice.
SHOT 3: A snow plow passes by during the height of the storm.
SHOT 4 & 5: Blizzard conditions at a parking lot in Watertown NY.
SHOT 6: Panning shot of blizzard conditions on a street in Watertown NY.
SHOT 7: A strong wind gust causes white-out conditions at an intersection.
SHOT 8: People putting salt on a walkway.
SHOT 9: A person walking down the sidewalk in the heavy snow.
SHOT 10: Blizzard conditions in a parking lot with a car in the background.

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