Stearns County, MN Ice Covered Roads And Crashes – 2/17/2020

A powerful burst of snow and freezing rain hit Interstate 94 in eastern Stearns County, MN creating a very slick driving conditions with snow and ice compacting to the road surfaces. Several accidents created gridlock on the interstate for about an hour as crews worked to clear the wrecks.

Shot List:

Scene 1 Snow plow on Interstate 94.

Scene 2 Four clips of a Semi Truck being pulled out of a ditch along Interstate 94.

Scene 3 POV Driving in slow traffic on Interstate 94 with about a inch of ice covering the road surface.

Scene 4 Three clips of several Semi Trucks and other vehicles crashed on eastbound Interstate 94 just south of St Cloud, MN.

Scene 5 POV passing shot of a crash on County Road 75 just south of St Cloud, MN

Scene 6 POV passing shot of snow plow on Interstate 94.

Scene 7 Wide ground shot of snow plows in St Cloud passing and throwing snow at the camera.

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