Extreme Sub Zero Air Temperature in St Cloud, MN – 2/13/2020

Coldest day of the year for the city of Saint Cloud, MN with the Air Temperature never making it above zero and the wind chills in the negative twenty to negative thirties all day. School was canceled for most of the region today in fear of frostbite as the National Weather Service warning people to limit time outdoors.

Shot Description

Clip 1 Time and temp at 8:09 AM showing it was -23F in Saint Cloud, MN.

Clip 2 – 7 various clips of people out in the brutal cold temps around downtown Saint Cloud, MN.

Clip 8 traffic.

Clip 9 – 10 Same bank sign in Clip 1 that shows at 2:18 PM the temp only got to -7F at his part of Saint Cloud, MN.

Clip 11 – 14 Clips of steam rising off the Mississippi River in the sub zero weather.

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