Twin Cities Extreme Morning Ice Storm – 12/28/2019

Breaking Video Footage of the Flash Freezing Rain Event that caught the Twin Cities Metro area highly off guard and creating hazardous conditions on untreated roadways and surfaces this Saturday Morning!
Shot Description
1. Twin Cities Salt Truck in RARE FASHION, wearing Tire Chains just to get around while crawling and salting the icy roads.

2. Salt Truck with Chains and car following to close and car spins out right behind salt truck narrowly missing it!

3. Close POV of heavy salt dumping on icy road and Chains slapping in the background.

4. Van spinning not getting traction on ice.

5-8 Cars Spinning out and getting stuck on pure glaze ice roads.

9. Semi Truck Piggy Back double Jack knifed and stuck across an active Railroad Crossing!

10. Women scrapping Ice from Car Windows and slipping on icy surface.

11. Thick Ice seen on roadways highlighted by Lights.

12. Ice thick on Car windows.

13. Guy in cleated boots still sliding on pure glaze ice.

14-15. Semi Trucks getting stuck in place on slight inclines in Minneapolis.
SID: Nick Elms

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