Goodland, KS Westbound I70 Closed To Traffic – 10/30/2019

Hazardous winter weather conditions closed over 150 miles of I-70 between Goodland, Kansas and Denver, Colorado overnight into Wednesday morning. Icy conditions and limited visibility led to dozens of wrecks along that stretch of interstate and lead officials to close the interstate overnight. Westbound I-70 was closed at Goodland (eastbound was open), and the interstate was reopened to westbound traffic at 6:10am.
Shot Description

Scenes 1-7: Various clips of the closure of westbound I-70 at Goodland (Exit 17). Clips include state trooper sitting at the closed gates of the interstate.

Scene 8-9: Snow plows clearing snow from eastbound lanes of I-70 at Goodland.

Scene 10: Single vehicle driving down the ramp at the I-70 closure in Goodland. Can see the state trooper and closed gates in the background.

Scene 11: Shot looking at the westbound exit ramp to Goodland with the closure in the background.

Scene 12: Shot of closed gate to the on-ramp to westbound I-70 in Goodland.

Scene 13-19: Various clips of parked semi trucks stranded in Goodland due to the I-70 closure. Clips taken at gas stations near the exit ramp.

Scene 20-22: Shots of K-DOT snowplow opening I-70 westbound ramp with a pickup truck waiting to head west.

Scene 23: Snowplow and pickup truck driving on the westbound on-ramp as the first motorists to head west from Goodland.

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