Scituate, MA Bomb Cyclone Nor’Easter – 10/17/2019

Powerful Bomb Cyclone hammers Scituate, MA with Hurricane Force winds! Footage of large battering waves, storm surge, power flashes, damage, sail boat slammed against sea wall.

All footage shot during evening darkness on night of October 16 & 17, 2019 in Scituate, MA by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description
1-3. various shots of sailboat slammed against sea wall by large battering waves, high winds and storm surge in Scituate, MA

4-6. shots of massive waves smashing against sea wall in Scituate MA

7-9. various shots of storm surge in Scituate, MA

10. shots of power flashes lighting up sky over Scituate as power goes out from high winds

11-21. various shots of high winds causing damage in Scituate, MA

22. shot of tree over highway near Scituate MA

21. window screen from house in a tree in Scituate MA

22. police blocks highway as crews try to cut large tree blocking highway in Scituate MA

23. POV shot of very heavy rain and high winds with debris flying on highway near Scituate MA

24. barometer showing low pressure from bomb cyclone over Scituate MA

SID: Simon Brewer

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