Maricopa, AZ Wall Cloud Timelapse and Flash Flooding – 9/26/2019

Transition Season Supercell Thunderstorm produces Wall Cloud and Heavy rain in Maricopa, Arizona near Phoenix.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Close up time lapse of the mini supercell wall cloud and downburst
Shot 2: Wide shot of time wall cloud and downburst.
Shot 3: Medium shot of SUV driving through ponding waters near the Santa Rosa wash in Maricopa, Arizona
Shot 4: Tight shot of cars going through a wash after heavy rains. Cars spray lots of water on each other.
Shot 5: More cars and street flooding
Shot 6: Ultra tight shot of SUV going through wash spraying up lots of water.
Shot 7: More cars with street flooding
Shot 8: Police close road
Shot 9: Tilt shot showing police car and road starting to flood because of running Santa Rosa wash.
Shot 10: Do not Enter When Flooded sign.
Shot 11: Vehicle does the right thing and turns around after approaching closed flooded roadway.

SID: Bryan Snider

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