Fox River Flood Cresting, Aurora, IL – 9/18/2019

Flooding along the Fox River in Illinois has crested between McHenry and Dayton. Excessive rainfall from thunderstorms in conjunction with above average atmospheric moisture levels created the moderate levels of flooding as shown in this video. The cities of Dayton, Montgomery, Yorkville, Aurora, Carpentersville, and McHenry are featured, almost covering the entire Illinois section of the river.
Shot Description

Shots 1-8 – Flooding in the Riverdale Subdivision, including scenes from Riverdale Road and the backyards affected along Woods Avenue in McHenry, Illinois.

Shots 9-13 – Scenes from the Dayton Hydroelectric Dam in Dayton, Illinois.

Shots 14-22 – Scenes from the Yorkville Dam area of cresting flood waters in Yorkville, Illinois.

Shots 23-29 – Scenes from the Montgomery Dam area of cresting flood waters in Montgomery, Illinois.

Shots 30-34- Scenes from the Aurora Dam area of cresting flood waters in Aurora, Illinois.

Shots 35-40 – Scenes from the Carpentersville Dam area of cresting flood waters in Carpentersville, Illinois.

SID: Jesse Walters

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