Hurricane Dorian Power flashes and wind, Wilmington, NC – 9/6/2019

Dramatic power flashes from high winds damaging power lines, high winds, accident caused by dangerous driving conditions as Hurricane Dorian lashes North Carolina.

All footage shot during night darkness in and near Wilmington, NC on September 5 and 6 (overnight) by meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

1-7. various shots of powerflashes in Wilmington, NC

8-10. shots of police cruiser hit by high winds in Wilmington, NC

11-14. various shots of vehicle in ditch assisted by wrecker and police after sliding off the highway in Wilmington, NC

15. ‘Stop Sign’ blowing in high winds with tree debris blowing past

16-18. various shots of high winds blowing trees and lights in Wilmington, NC

19. footage of large waves and distant lighthouse near Wilmington, NC

SID: Simon Brewer

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