Hurricane Dorian, New Smyrna Beach, FL Pre Storm 9-2-2019

Pre storm B-Roll from New Smyrna Beach, FL of people out at the beach as Hurricane Dorian is only 100 miles off shore over the Bahamas. Footage includes beach shots, boarded up buildings and gas stations along with a packed restaurant.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Clip of two woman walking past the camera on the beach.

Clip 2 Boarded up shops.

Clip 3 & 4 POV Drive by of boarded up shops.

Clip 5 & 6 Gas station shut down and the fuel pumps wrapped up.

Clip 7 People at the railing and steps to the beach looking out at the scene over the

Clip 8 Someone kite surfing in the water along the show of the beach in the waves.

Clip 9 Sign on a store say they are closed for the hurricane.

Clip 10 Packed restaurant

SID: Steve Panariello Digital Island Media

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