Eastern North Dakota Severe Storms – 9/2/2019

A line of severe thunderstorms with winds approaching 90mph moved through eastern North Dakota this evening. Captured is the aftermath and the storms as they moved through.
Shot Description

clip 1: People cleaning up downed trees in Lisbon, ND
Clip 2: More tree cleanup
Clip 3:Downed Tree on main road in Lisbon, ND.
Clip 4: Downed Trees
Clip 5: Downed trees making road impassable.
Clip 6: More downed Trees
Clip 7: Flooded roads in Gwinner, ND.
Clip 8: Gustnado on road, with motorcycle driving through it
Clip 9: Rain and hail as storm hit
Clip 10: Timelapse of shelf cloud

SID: Eric Whitehill

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