Rusk County, WI Tornado Damage And Survey – 7/5/2019

A tornado ripped through part of Rusk County on the late afternoon hours early evening hours of July 4th. Most of the damage was around Pulaski Lake and Boot Lake, or about 8 miles South of Town Bruce Wisconsin, and few miles Northeast of the town of Island Lake. The National Weather Service out of Chanhassen MN. rated the tornado EF0. The tornado was on the ground for about 8 miles.
Shot Description

Clip 1. Shows a tree that went through someone’s house roof.
Clip 2. A pine tree on top of a house roof.
Clip 3. A close shot of the pine tree on top of the roof.
Clip 4. Pan shot of the tornado damage.
Clip 5. Shows more tornado damage.
Clip 6. Another pan shot of more tornado damage.
Clip 7. An uprooted tree.
Clip 8. Another pan shot of the tornado damage.
Clip 9. More tornado damage.
Clip 10. Close up shot of tree damage.
Clip 11. Wide shot of the tree damage.
Clip 12. A smaller tree on a roof.
Clip 13-14. A group of people cleaning up the damage.
Clip 15. Todd Krause and Brent Hewett from the National Weather Service getting ready to start their damage survey.
Clip 16. Someone talking to Brent from the National Weather Service.

SID: Dirk Miller

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