Sartell, MN Flash Flooding – 7/4/2019

Not the perfect Fourth Of July day some were hoping for with over three inches of rain falling within an hour over parts of Stearns County, MN. The hardest hit area was the city of Sartell, MN where numerous roads to become inundated with water and vehicles flooded out. 4K Footage.
Shot Description
Clip 1 -2 Riverside Drive flooded out by 10th Avenue as several vehicles attempt to make their way through the flooding.

Clip 3 A motorcyclist thought about trying to drive through the flooding but decided to turn around instead.

Clip 4 City workers putting up a barricade on Riverside Drive.

Clip 5 Residents along Riverside Drive hold up a No Wake sign for traffic trying to drive through the flooding.

Clip 6 Pine Cone Road Flooded out and people pushing their flooded out vehicle out of the lanes of traffic after the water receded as an officer directs traffic,

Clip 7 Flooded out road to the arena.

Clip 8 Vehicle flooded and stalled out.

Clip 9 Van that flooded out being loaded onto a tow truck.

Clip 10 Group of kids walking by the flooded car.

Clip 11 Major flooding on the road south of the Elementary school.

Clip 12 Vehicle flood and stalled out as a pickup truck drives into the flooding.

Clip 13 Police block a flooded out road.

Clip 14 Close up of the flooded out car.

Clip 15-16 Backyards flooded out.

Clip 17 Car flooded out with a squad car behind it.

Clip 18 Pickup truck driving through the flooding as people walk in the flooding.

Clip 19-20 Flooded out road.

Clip 21 Kids playing in the flooding

Clip 22 Flooded out car.

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