Valley Center, KS Severe Storm Damage – 6/15/2019

A line of severe storms ripped through southern Kansas after midnight Saturday morning packing winds over 70mph as they roared through. Damage was reported across the region, including at the Kansas International Dragway northwest of Wichita where an RV was flipped over with two people inside. One person had minor injuries. More damage was reported a few miles down the road in Valley Center where trees and powerlines were downed in the high winds.

Video package opens up with the big winds hitting the south side of Maize, then transitions to the flipped RV at the Dragway on the north side of Maize. From there, video goes into the damage in the town of Valley Center, about 15 miles north of Wichita where numerous trees and powerlines were downed.

See shot list of specific locations and details.
Shot Description
PART 1 (0:00-1:09) South size of Maize, KS

Shots taken as storm arrived into the west side of Wichita, including the Maize area.

Scene 1: Big wind gust rolling in as camera pans from car in parking lot to high winds blowing rain over parked semi trucks.

Scene 2: Shot of vehicle panning over to two trash cans being dragged across parking lot in the wind.

Scene 3: Wide shot of wind and rain in parking lot.

Scene 4: Wind blowing rain passed parked semis.

Scene 5: Shot of wind and rain blowing across elevated highway.

Scene 6: Rain falling in street lights.

Scene 7: Wide shot of wind and rain in parking lot.

PART 2 (1:10-2:00) North side of Maize, KS

Scene 8-13: Clips of flipped RV at the Dragway where two people inside walked away uninjured. Winds gusting to over 70mph flipped the RV and damaged trees. Final clip of a shed frame in a store parking lot rolled over on its side.

PART 3 (2:01-4:21) Valley Center, KS (15 miles north of Wichita)

Damage in the town of Valley Center, including powerlines blocking several roads, along with lots of tree damage, including large limbs down on vehicles and others blocking neighborhood streets.

Scene 14: Valley Center fire truck blocking off a town road due to down powerlines.

Scene 15-17: Three clips of crews at a closed road (W 5th Ave) near the railroad tracks where a powerline was knocked onto the street. Second clips shows the line laying across the road.

Scene 18: Large tree down on a house and a car in town.

Scene 19: Large tree limb down with another limb down on a car in a driveway.

Scene 20-21: Tight shots of vehicle under down tree limb, nearly completely covered.

Scene 22-23: A mess of down tree limbs on the house and cars in the driveway.

Scene 24: A tree blocking a neighborhood street.

Scene 25: A mess of tree debris across a neighborhood street.

Scene 26: Down tree limbs in front of a parked van.

Scene 27-28: Large tree limb down in a driveway behind a car.

Scene 29: Tree limbs surrounding a parked car on a street.

Scene 30: Tree limbs and trash cans down in a front yard.
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