Boise City, OK Tornadic Storm – 5/26/2019

Another Round of Tornadic Storms:
Footage of rapidly rotating wall cloud crosses highway near Clayton, NM from tornadic supercell thunderstorm.
Tornado-warned storm passes over Boise City, OK with sirens blaring; police and locals racing to safety.

All footage shot during evening daylight on May 26, 2019 in/near Boise City, OK and Clayton, NM by meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer

Shot Description

1-8. Various shots of large rapidly rotating wall cloud with funnel passing over vehicles on highway near Clayton, NM.

9 & 10. close lightning bolt strike near Clayton, NM

11-13. shots of vehicles racing for safety ahead of tornado-warned storm with sirens blaring in Boise City, OK

14 & 15. menacing shelf cloud from tornado-warned storm moving over Boise City, OK with tornado sirens blaring

16-18. shots of tornado-warned storm slamming Boise City, OK with police vehicle racing down road and tornado sirens blaring

19. heavy rain, hail and high winds pound Boise City, OK as tornado-warned storm moves over with tornado sirens blaring

20. pushed-in shot of rain-driven rain past street light in Boise City, OK with tornado sirens blaring

21. pushed-in shot of raindrops splashing in standing water with tornado sirens blaring in Boise City, OK

22. pushed-in shot of police squad car with lights flashing and tornado sirens fading in Boise City, OK

23 & 24. lightning flashes over Cimarron County Courthouse in Boise City OK with police lights flashing

SID: Simon Brewer Juston Drake

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