Sub Zero Extreme Cold Time Lapse Freezing Diesel Fuel, Vodka, Antifreeze & stuff

In this video, we take a look at the extreme cold “Polar Vortex” sub zero weather where we freeze items that you would think should be safe from the cold weather.

Shot in Minnesota during the overnight hours where the outside air temp was -28F.

We did a time lapse of summer blend or non treated Diesel fuel in the extreme cold and you can see it freezing and jelling up into a thick sludge that looked like wax. Imagine that in your fuel tank and in your fuel system.

Also included along side the diesel freezing, we froze old antifreeze that was rated for -10F to show that if you do not have the properly rated antifreeze in your engine, you will be in big trouble as this expanded. In a sealed system, this could ruin your engine.

We also revisited the freezing 40 Proof Vodka and freezing 35 Proof Rum to show the time lapse of the alcohol freezing.

As a control, we did freeze a bottle of water and last but not least, we froze time. Ok not really time but a scuba diving watch / dive computer in a large glass where it became a huge block of ice.

Special thank you to the staff at GATR Truck Center in Sauk Rapids, MN for finding the impossible to find non treated summer blend of diesel fuel that I used in this video.
Check them out at their website and Twitter at :

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