Mannsville, NY Lake Effect Winter Storm Whiteout Conditions – 1/31/2019

A streamer of very heavy lake effect snow dumped several feet of snow on the eastern shores of Lake Ontario. Intense snow and frequent white-out conditions affected the I-81 corridor, near the town of Mannsville NY, causing vehicles to become stuck during the blinding snow.
Shot Description

SHOT 1: Shot of a person walking their dog as a snow plow comes up behind them
SHOT 2 & 3: Passing shot of a vehicle stuck in a ditch with police helping on I-81.
SHOT 4: Passing shot of an 18-wheeler stuck on the side of the road in blinding snow.
SHOT 5: A driver standing beside his stranded vehicle on the side of the road in heavy snow.
SHOT 6: A person digging out from a 5-ft snow bank.
SHOT 7: A person trying to shovel the sidewalk in heavy snow.
SHOT 8: A person using a snowblower to clear off a sidewalk.
SHOT 9, 10, 11: Driving on I-81 during white-out conditions.
SHOT 12: Huge icicles hang on a house in Mannsville, NY.
SHOT 13: Passing shot of heavy snow accumulations in Mannsville, NY.
SHOT 14: An old building on the corner during heavy snow in downtown Mannsville, NY.
SHOT 15: Traffic moving slowly past during heavy snow.

SID: Dave Lewison

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