Adams, NY Lake Effect Deep Snows – 1/31/2019

Very heavy lake effect snow and blankets Jefferson County, NY with feet of snow and frigid temperatures.
Shot Description

Shot 1: A nervous motorist talks with a snow plow operator at the entrance ramp to I-81 near Adams, NY as very heavy lake effect snow falls.
Shot 2: New York State Troopers help push a stuck motorist out of deep snow.
Shots 3-6: Near white out conditions in Adams, NY as very heavy lake effect snow falls. Vehicles navigating low visibility conditions.
Shot 7: A snow plow drives down the middle of the street in Adams, NY as the lake effect snow briefly lighten up in intensity.
Shot 8: A NY State Trooper vehicle navigates his way back into the driveway of their headquarters in Adams, NY
Shot 9: Vehicles navigate near whiteout conditions near Adams, NY.
Shot 10: A man snow plows a fast food restaurants parking lot as the snow briefly lightens up in intensity.
Shots 11-12: A person shovels multiple feet of snow on Main Street in Adams, NY.
Shot 13: A tractors hauls snow out of a parking lot in Adams, NY
Shots 14-15: Motorists clear snow off of their vehicles in Adams, NY.

SID: Scott McPartland

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