Recovery from dangerous thin ice on Rice Lake, WI – 12/30/2018

A Four Wheeler went through the ice yesterday afternoon on Rice Lake in Rice Lake Wisconsin.

The recent warm temps for the region have caused the ice to start melting by the mouth of the Red Cedar River that feeds Rice Lake. With the sudden cold snap over the last few days, the area had refrozen. The person driving the four wheeler was able to get out safely, however he was in the water for about ten minutes. This video package shows the four wheeler in the ice, along with the recovery of it.
Shot Description

Clip 1. The four wheeler that dropped through the ice on Saturday sticking half out of the frozen ice.
Clip 2. Closer shot of the four wheeler that dropped through the ice.
Clip 3. Diver crawling out to the 4wheeler on thin ice.
Clip 4. Divers cutting the ice away.
Clip 5. Diver going into the water.
Clip 6. Diver telling his crew back on the shore that he needs to cut more ice.
Clip 7. Diver cutting more ice away.
Clip 8. Divers having some fun while the crew on shore wenches the four wheeler.
Clip 9. Four wheeler in the water waiting to get pulled out.
Clips 10-11. Divers putting ramps into the water.
Clip 12. Four wheeler being pulled closer to the ramps.
Clips 13-14. Four wheeler being pulled up onto the ramps.
Clips 15-17. Four wheeler being pulled towards safer ice.

SID: Dirk Miller

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