Winter Storm Hits Twin Cities and Saint Cloud MN – 12/26/2018

A powerful winter storm is hitting the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota during the overnight hours.

Footage shot around the Twin Cities metro area and in Saint Cloud, MN. See shot sheet for full details.

Footage shot in 4K
Shot Description

Clips 1-16 from the Twin Cities Metro area.
Clip 17-End from Saint Cloud, MN

Clip 01 Minneapolis skyline

Clip 02 Tow truck on highway 169 stuck in the ditch with a car on the back.

Clip 03 Tight shot of the tow truck spinning its wheels.

Clip 04 Wide shot of the tow truck stuck and cars driving by.

Clip 05 SUV stuck in the ditch

Clip 06 Car stuck in the ditch

Clip 07 Car trying to recover after spinning out and almost hitting the wall.

Clip 08 Car in the ditch with squad cars and tow truck.

Clip 09 Flags blowing in the snow

Clip 10 Crews clearing the snow off the runway at the Minneapolis Saint Paul international Airport

Clip 11 – 13 Snow plows on 494

Clip 14 Snow plow coming towards the camera

Clip 15 Car stuck in the snow.

Clip 16 Truck stuck in the cables on interstate 94.

** Following clips from Saint Cloud, MN **

Clip 17 Sign warning of the winter storm.

Clip 18 – 25 Various shots of snow plows on highway 23 in Saint Cloud, MN.

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