Havana, IL area Tornado Outbreak 12/1/2018

Footage of Major Damaging December Illinois Tornado Outbreak.
Large tornado passes by Havana IL, and several other tornadoes develop nearby.

All footage shot from one supercell thunderstorm near and in the region of Havana IL (other towns listed) during evening daylight on December 1, 2018 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

1. wide shot of large violent tornado under sculpted supercell thunderstorm near Havana IL

2. pushed-in shot of large tornado near Havana IL

3. shot of large tornado and wall cloud near Havana IL


5 & 6. pushed-in shots of multiple vortex tornado near Havana IL

7. wide POV driving shot of elephant-trunk shaped tornado under large sculpted supercell near Havana IL

8 & 9. Lighting strikes near Havana IL

10 & 11. SLOW MOTION lightning strikes near Havana IL

12. Rapidly rotating wall cloud and funnel cloud near Meredosia IL

13. cone tornado near Meredosia IL

14. tornado debris cloud in field next to road lofts debris near Meredosia IL

15. tornado debris cloud crosses road near Meredosia IL

16-22. various shots of Beardstown IL Tornado with POWERFLASHES

23-24. wall cloud and final tornado from prolific tornado-producing supercell thunderstorm near Monterey IL

SID: Simon Brewer

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