Stearns County, MN Snow Storm Travel Hazards – 11/28/2018

The most dangerous winter weather on the road is always the one that does not seem like that much, until it turns to ice. B-Roll footage of the snow storm that impacted central Minnesota this evening causing slick roads and dozens of accidents around Stearns County, Minnesota.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Road turned from dry pavement to glare ice without warning and we ended up going for a ride. Note camera time on screen is east coast time. Luckily the truck is built for off roading.

Clip 2 – 4 Snow plow on Interstate 94.

Clip 5 – 6 Vehicle in the ditch on Interstate 94.

Clip 7 Blinding snow on Interstate 94 in traffic.

Clip 8 – 12 Police and State Patrol responding to a crash off of highway 15.

Clip 13 Van that crashed on Interstate 94.

Clip 14 – 15 Snow plow on Highway 23.

Clip 16 Traffic in heavy snow.

Clip 17 Snow Plow Passing Shot.

Clip 18 – 19 Driving in the falling snow.

Clip 20 Passing wreck and snow plow blocking the wrecker on interstate 94.

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