Key West, FL Cruise Ship Collision With Dock In High Winds – 11/27/2018

High winds from a strong cold front reaching Key West Florida prompt a huge cruise ship, Silver Spirit, to abort its attempt to depart the port after it leaves the dock. It tries to return to the dock and crashes into a bollard, resulting in damage to the bollard and the ship’s hull. Time-lapse and normal speed video from remote HD robotic cameras. The ship Silver Spirit is operated by SilverSea cruise lines.

Conditions at the time of the accident per the nearby weather NOAA Weather Station “KYWF1” at 7:00 pm Local Time, the wind was out of the North Northwest at 20mph (32.18kph) and Gusting to 27mph (43.5kph).

Shot Description

1) Time-lapse showing the three huge cruise ships at Mallory Square in Key West Florida as clouds race by after a strong cold front blows through. From far to near, Brilliance, Victory, and Silver Spirit.
2) Cruise ship Victory depart port successfully.
3) Cruise ship Brilliance departs port successfully.
4) Cruise ship Silver Spirit leaves dock and enters channel, but decides to abort departure and return to the dock. In doing so, it is blown dangerously close to the sea wall and slams into the Mallory dock south bollard mid-ship.
5) Silver spirit recovers control and re-docks at Mallory Square dock.
6) Normal speed footage showing damage to concrete bollard as it lists over while US, State of Florida, and Key West Conch Republic flags blow in high winds.
7) Shot showing damage to ship hull.
8) Wide shot of cruise ship at dock.
9) Gangway deployed at dock with SilverSea banner.
10) Another shot of damaged bollard.
11) Wide shot with people inspecting hull damage.
12) One long zoomed shot of people inspecting hull damage with flash lights.

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