Salina, KS Intense Blizzard – 11/25/2018

A fast moving blizzard barrelled across Kansas on Sunday dumping just over 6 inches of snow in Salina with winds up to 60mph creating impossible travel conditions along I-70 and I-135. I-70 was closed for several hours on Sunday during the height of the storm.
Shot Description

Scenes 1-4: Emergency crews on the scene of a jack-knifed semi attempting to get it hooked to a tow truck.

Scene 5: Quick wide shot of state trooper across the road from a car that spun out in the median.

Scene 6: Close shot of state trooper with spin out on other side of highway.

Scene 7: Tight shot of spun out car in the median.

Scene 8: Cool shot of driver of spun out car walking to his vehicle in an intense wind gust blowing snow at him.

Scene 9-13: Shots of K-DOT crews putting down signs warning drivers of the closure of I-70 at Exit 244.

Scene 14-16: Shots of traffic on I-70 driving into the void of whiteness in blowing snow.

Scene 17: Semi truck at the bottom of an exit ramp in intense winds.

Scene 18: Near white out conditions with a stop sign barely visible.

Scene 19-20: A very intense wind gust with blinding snow in a truck stop parking lot.

Scene 21: Vehicles driving into the truck stop in extremely heavy snow.

Scene 22: Three people speed walking through the blowing snow to the truck stop.

Scene 23: Vehicle at a gas pump as very heavy snow falls.

Scene 24: Man pumping gas in the snow.

Scene 25-26: A dude in SHORTS pumping gas as it snows armageddon around him.

Scene 27: Another dude in SHORTS walking through the blizzard to his semi truck.

Scene 28: Shot of a row of semis at the truck stop in the blowing snow.

SID: Tornadoes Kick Media

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