Garden City, KS Heavy Night Snow – 11/11/2018

Heavy snows across southwest Kansas dropped snow at rates over an inch an hour at times, accumulating over 4 inches within 3 hours. Snows were expected to continue overnight with accumulations over half a foot possible by morning. Winter Weather Advisories were issued for much of Kansas through Monday.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Snow plow driving by the Garden City welcome sign as heavy snow falls.

Scene 2: Closer shot of the Garden City sign with heavy snow falling as traffic drives by.

Scene 3: Oncoming traffic, including a snow plow, driving through very heavy snow.

Scene 4: Oncoming traffic driving through heavy snow.

Scene 5: Extremely heavy snow falling in street light.

Scene 6: POV driving shot through very heavy snow on US-50 on the east side of Garden City.

Scene 7: POV driving shot following snow plow on US-50.

Scene 8: Snow plow leading a line of cars through heavy falling snow.

Scene 9: Pickup truck coming to a stop at an intersection in heavy falling snow.

Scene 10: Cars pulling out of intersection while heavy snow falls.

Scene 11: Car passing through heavy snow.

Scene 12-13: Accumulating heavy snow falling over a car dealership.

Scene 14: Heavy snow falling on traffic lights at intersection.

Scene 15: Static snow shot of oncoming car with snow falling.

Scene 16: Panning shot of car driving through snow.

SID: Tornadoes Kick Media

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