Riverhead, NY Nor’easter Storm Surge Flooding – 10/27/2018

A powerful nor’easter slams the east end of Long Island with powerful winds and storm surge inundating neighborhoods around Riverhead.
Shot Description
Shot 1: Storm surge begins to break apart a staircase leading to a home along the north shore of Long Island near Riverhead.
Shots 2-3: Powerful winds blowing trees.
Shots 4-6: Large waves over Long Island Sound, storm surge inundating the coast
Shot 7: Storm surge begins to undermine a staircase leading to Reeves Beach near Riverhead.
Shot 8: Broken pieces of wood, once attached to homes along the north shore of Long Island are thrown about in storm surge.
Shot 9: Large waves and rough surf over Long Island Sound.
Shot 10: A vehicle is partially submerged in storm surge in a parking lot along the waterfront in Riverhead.
Shots 11-12: Traffic in Riverhead, NY navigating flooded streets.
Shot 13: A Farmers Market in Riverhead is flooded by storm surge.
Shots 14-15: Vehicles submerged in storm surge.
SID: Scott McPartland

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