Queens, New York City Flash Flooding Torrential Rains – 4/16/2018

Flash flood warnings go out, as a powerful storm system sweeping through the northeast brings torrential rains to the NYC Metro through the midday hours. Shot Description Shot 1: Vehicles drive through flash flooding on a side road in Queens, NY. Shots 2-3: People out and about with umbrellas battle heavy rains. Shots 4-5: A manhole is overwhelmed by torrential rains and begins to overflow onto Woodhaven Blvd in Queens, NY. Shot 6: People out and about with umbrellas as heavy rain falls. Shot 7: Torrents of water flow down sewer gratings in Queens, NY. Shot 8: Car dash POV of vehicle driving through flash flooding in Queens, NY. Shot 9: Fast moving water flows down a street in Flushing, NY as vehicles drive by. Shots 10-13: Commuters brave torrential rains in Queens, NY. Shot 14: Car dash POV of torrential rains falling on Woodhaven Blvd. in Queens, NY. Shots 15-16: Fast moving water flowing down a street, flash flooding. SID: Scott McPartland

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