Lots of crashes on Ice Covered I-94, Saint Cloud, MN 4/3/2018


Just after midnight the snow subsided but the roads turned to glare ice around Saint Cloud, MN. Footage shot along Interstate 94 where dozens of vehicles crashed due to the Re-Freeze of the snow and ice on the roadway.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Saint Cloud, MN water tower near Interstate 94.

Clip 2 SUV stuck in the ditch and spinning its tires.

Clip 3 POV Drive by shot of a car in the ditch with State Patrol and VO

Clip 4 Car being pulled out of the ditch from the off ramp area near Opportunity Drive and Interstate 94.

Clip 5 – 6 Pick up truck destroyed on the center of Interstate 94 at Opportunity Drive

Clip 7 – 8 Vehicle in the ditch on Interstate 94.

Clip 9 VO POV Clip where I start to slide on Intestate 94 while talking about the road conditions.

Clip 10 Overhead shot of near miss on Interstate 94 as someone stopped to help and was almost hit by a Semi Truck

Clip 11 POV of a vehicle losing control while getting on Interstate 94 at county road 75.

Clip 12 Snow plow on Highway 10

Clip 13 Vehicle in the ditch and people responding to the crash.

Clip 14 SUV stuck in the ditch.

Clip 15 Car hanging off the side of interstate 94 about to go into the ditch.

Clip 16 POV passing shot of a tow truck pulling out a truck in the ditch.


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