Gale Warnings and Bitter Cold Wind Chill, Nassau, NY 2/2/2018

A powerful arctic front blasts through NYC and Long Island quickly changing rain to snow, before ending at dawn, at which time temperatures began dropping like a rock, and gale force winds created bitter wind chills through the late morning and afternoon hours. Shot Description Shot 1: 30sec timelapse sequence from Queens, NY of rain quickly changing to snow before ending at dawn. Clouds race by and begin to clear out as the arctic front makes it’s way through the area. Shot 2: A family struggles to take pictures in high winds along the shoreline at Jones Beach in Nassau County, Long Island. Shot 3: A man walks with his back to the wind along the shoreline at Jones Beach. Shots 4-5: A woman is blasted by bitter cold and high winds on Jones Beach. Shot 6: A man wearing a full face mask braves bitter cold wind chills on Jones Beach. Shots 7-8: A utility crew works on fixing power issues in Queens, NY caused by gale force winds during the early afternoon. Shots 9-10: Gale force winds blow sand towards the ocean on Jones Beach. Sand blowing past the Jones Beach Spire. Shots 11-12: People out and about bundled up from the bitter chill and strong winds on Jones Beach. Shot 13: The tops of large waves are blown off in high winds at Jones Beach. Shot 14: Seagulls are huddled together for warmth as they are blown around on Jones Beach. Shot 15: Two women bundled up from the bitter chill and strong winds walk along the boardwalk on Jones Beach. Shot 16: Timelapse sequence of ocean effect clouds racing by, as large amounts of sand blow along the ground on Jones Beach. SID: Scott McPartland

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