Extreme Whiteout Lake Effect Snow – Lacona, NY – 12/26/2017

Intense lake effect snow bands create whiteout conditions and treacherous travel conditions in and around Lacona, NY. Shot List: Shots 1-2: Two men shovel snow from the roof of a residential home in Lacona, NY. Shot 3: A women chats with another motorist as heavy lake effect snow falls near Lacona, NY. Shots 4-5: Traffic crawls in near whiteout conditions on the I-81 in Oswego County, NY. Shot 6: Snow plows clear Route 11 near Lacona, NY. Shots 7-10: Motorists navigate whiteout conditions and deep snow covered roads near Lacona, NY. Shot 11: A tractor hauls snow away from a business in Oswego County, NY. Shots 12-13: Home owners clear deep snow from their driveway in Lacona, NY. Shot 14: Heavy snow falls in Oswego County, NY as traffic navigates snow covered streets. Shots 15-16: Incredibly deep snow covers the steps of a commercial building in Lacona, NY / Vehicles completely buried under deep snow in Lacona, NY.

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