Siesta Key FL People out in the heavy rain – 6/10/2017

Long lasting heavy rain moved in from the south washing out beach goers and tourists at Siesta Key in Sarasota Florida. Many shots of FL people dealing with unexpected mid-day weekend rain.
Shot Description

1) Siesta Key public bus in rain with "Siesta Key" sign.
2,3) Palm tops blowing in rain.
4) Family packing up their beach gear into mini-van while heavy rain falls.
5) Rain water gushing out of down spout on bank building.
6) Dash cam shot driving to Siesta Key Village.
7) Big Toyota truck at intersection in heavy rain.
8) Ocean Blvd sign at Siesta Key Village.
9) Orange Hyundai driving in heavy rain on Ocean Blvd.
10) Couple walking sidewalk in village with umbrella in rain.
11) Two you men walking sidewalk with surf boards in rain.
12) Two women with umbrella in rain.
13) Couple with black and white umbrella in rain.
14) Woman with rainbow umbrella and another with a towel wrapped on her head.
15) Two woman in rain. One with beach towel draped over her head.
16) Two beach bikes parked in rain.
17) Broken gutter gushing water.