Elk City, OK Huge Hail, Tornadoes and Lightning – 5/16/2017

Footage of wedge-shaped strong tornado hitting Elk City OK, cone tornado near McLean TX, large softball-sized hail smashing windshield, and lightning strikes from big severe weather outbreak over Great Plains States.

All footage shot in/near Elk City OK and McLean TX during evening daylight on May 16, 2016 by Meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer
Shot Description

1-5. Various shots of cone-shaped tornado south of McLean TX

6-8. shots of multivortex tornado southwest of Elk City OK (early stages of Elk City OK wedge tornado)

9. driving shot of development of wedge tornado southwest of Elk City OK

10. driving shot of wedge tornado entering Elk City OK

11. driving shot of wedge tornado hitting Elk City OK

12. AUDIO of TORNADO SIREN and tornadic supercell hitting Elk City OK

13-15. POV shot of softball and baseball sized hail shattering windshield near Elk City OK

16 & 17. pushed-in shots of baseball sized hail in Elk City OK

18. pushed-in shot of shattered windshield from softball sized hail near Elk City OK

19-21. shots of dramatic lightning strikes near McLean TX

22-24. SLOW MOTION lightning strike shots near McLean TX