Odessa, MN Pyro-Cumulus Induced Vorticities – 4/1/2017

Video Footage of Fire induced Pyrocumulus Clouds and Pyro-Induced Devil Vortices, forming in rare perfect atmospheric conditions over a large controlled prairie grass fire near the town of Odessa in Western Minnesota this afternoon!
Shot Description

1. Pyrocumulus Cloud forms in perfect atmospheric conditions directly over a large prairie grass fire.

2. Close up of large well defined Pyro-Devil Vorticies lofting dirt, smoke and debris high up into the sky!

3. Fast moving Broad Pyro-Induced Vortex ripping up the Corn Field and fire scorched Earth below as it picks up strength and speed on is't 300 yard path!

4. Tight Intense Circulation at the ground with a Pyro-Induced Devil Vortex on the edge of the fire's flames all while under a bubbling Pyrocumulus cloud!

5. Close up POV of the large controlled Prairie Grass Fire with vortices.

6. Close up POV of the fires Flames reaching up into the air over 20 feet.