Damaging Storms in Eastern IL – 3/30/2017

An outbreak of severe storms hammered parts of the Midwest on Thursday bringing reports of wind damage and hail across parts of Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Areas hardest hit were in far eastern IL in Vermilion County near the town of Danville where power poles and trees came down, as well as a railroad crossing guard that was snapped in half. Minor flooding also occurred in nearby towns in the county.

Video package shot across Vermilion County, see shot description for locations of scenes.
Shot Description

DANVILLE, IL (wind damage VO)

Scene 1: Wide shot of Hwy 136 in Danville where police closed the right southbound lane due to a railroad crossing guard that was broken at the train intersection.

Scene 2: Shot of city worked with the broken crossing guard.

Scene 3: Shot looking back at the guard bent over the crossing lights.

Scene 4: Shot looking straight up of the crossing guard bent over the crossing lights.

Scene 5: Medium shot of crossing guard bent over crossing lights.

Scene 6: Shot looking head on of broken guard over crossing light.

Scene 7-8: Shot of a large tree snapped off into a parking lot.

Scene 9: Crews closing Voorhees Street in northeast Danville due to down power lines.

Scene 10-11: Shots of leaning power pole along Voorhees Street.

ST. JOSEPH, IL – CHAMPAIGN COUNTY (shelf cloud & funnel cloud VO)

Scene 12: Panning shot of dramatic looking shelf cloud approaching St. Joseph, IL along I-74.

Scene 13-15: Shots of shelf cloud approaching with Dairy Queen sign in foreground.

Scene 16: Rotation on the leading edge of squall line as it approaches St. Joseph.

Scene 17-18: Shot of a funnel organizing as storm moves over St. Joseph.

OAKWOOD, IL – VERMILION COUNTY (storm & street flood VO)

Scene 19-21: POV driving shots in blinding rain and wind along I-74 approaching the Oakwood Exit.

Scene 22-23: High winds blowing rain across the road.

Scene 24-25: Shots of vehicles under a gas station as high winds and rain blow in.

Scene 26: Shot of high winds blowing trees.

Scene 27-29: Shot of down power pole on the very south side of Oakwood.

Scene 30: Oakwood police SUV driving through street flooding.

Scene 31-34: Various shots of traffic driving through standing water covering the main road through Oakwood.

Scene 35: Tree debris in the road in Oakwood.