Damaging Storms in Western KY – 3/27/2017

A line of severe storms plowed through parts of the Mississippi and Tennessee Valleys on Monday leaving nearly 150 severe weather reports behind (as of 6:30pm Monday). The line of storms traveled across half a dozen states, starting in Arkansas and Missouri before plowing through Tennessee and Kentucky and across northern Mississippi and Alabama. Damage was reported all across the region as the line pushed through, prompting severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings as it went along.

Video package shot in Christian County, Kentucky around the city of Hopkinsville, located roughly 90 minutes northwest of Nashville, TN. Video package opens with tornado sirens blaring as severe line of storms moves in, followed up by damage across the county, including blocked roads and damage to brick signs. Includes shot of cars hiding under freeway overpasses as well as generic storm shots as storms pushed through.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Wide shot of incoming storm as NAT tornado sirens blare away behind shooter.

Scene 2-3: Shots of tornado sirens in town blaring away as tornado-warned storm approaches.

Scene 4-7: Various shots of emergency crews clearing tree debris from KY Route 800 north of Hopkinsville after strong winds blew trees down into the roadway.

Scene 8-10: Various shots of a large brick sign in front of a strip mall that was blown over and damaged.

Scene 11: Wide shot of highway overpass with several vehicles on both sides parked beneath.

Scene 12-13: Tighter shots of cars parke beneath the overpass.

Scene 14-15: Shots of cars driving as torrential rains fall during storm.

Scene 16-18: Shot as storm nears with NAT tornado sirens blaring away behind shooter.