Minneapolis, MN Snowy Evening Commute Gridlock – 1/9/2017

Video Footage of the result of a perfectly timed quick burst of light snow over the Twin Cites right at the start of the Monday Evening Commute which created some of the most Grizzly Gridlock conditions seen in this area in several years!
Shot Description

Clip 1. Close Minneapolis Snow Plow Plowing close to the camera, Passby POV.

Clip 2. Snow Plow Plowing the freshly fallen snow coming to the camera with snow.

Clip 3. Behind Snow Plow Sanding and Salting on Icy roads and Plowing.

Clip 4. Close snowplow blade POV.

Clip 5. Snow Plow Plowing on Interstate 35W.

Clip 6. Close up POV of Salt Spreader treating Icey pavement in Minneapols.

Clip 7. Gridlock on Minneapolis Roads.

Clip 8-11 Extreme Traffic in Minneapolis created by a small amount of snow.