Minneapolis, MN Brutal Stinging Cold – 1/4/2017

Video Footage Capturing the Sharp and Stinging Sub-Zero Cold Air made Dangerously Enhanced by a steady 15MPH North Wind creating wind chills in the -20 range leading to rapid Frostbite on the afternoon streets of Minneapolis Minneasota.
Shot Description

Clip 1. Digital LCD Sign in Downtown Minneapolis reading -2F in the early evening hours.

Clip 2. 3 Flags waving in the steady frigid winds creating the Dangerous Wind Chills with a Building in the background reflecting the Arctic like sunset and Steam rising in the air.

Clip 3. Man walking on the Downtown streets with Full Face Mask and heavy coat and gloves breathing steam.

Clip 4. Woman in heavy winter clothes holds her Mitten over her face as best as she can to block the biting and stinging -20 winds!

Clip 5-7. People walking and wearing heavy face protection exposing only their eyes to see.

Clip 8. Flag Whips in the steady Frigid North winds over Minneapolis Downtown.

Clip 9. Cars and Traffic in Minneapolis with steaming exhaust creating Black Ice at intersections.

Clip 10-11. Full Downtown Minneapolis Night Skyline made 100% Crystal Clear in the -2F Arctic Air with Cold Smoke and Steam rising from the landscape. Wide POV, Tight POV.